About Jadugar Anand

Mr. Anand Awasthi famously known as Jadugar Anand was born in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh in Central India. He started learning magic tricks at a very tender age of seven. Jadugar Anand prefers to call himself a self taught magician but he acknowledges that he is product of a long cherished Indian tradition. He has not only beaten Houdini's record of "escape from the box in the sea", but also has three world records under his belt.

Mr. Anand is the Fastest Magician on the Planet. Anyone can make an elephant disappear quickly, but how many can make it appear in a matter of seconds. He makes the Statue of Liberty disappear in slow motion, a trick performed for the first time in India. His world of illusion has been hailed by audiences and critics alike as one of the greatest magic shows of Asia, which is not merely performing tricks but creating miracles beyond your wildest imaginations.

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